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Today is Jan 27, 2020
Deen M
Senior Marketing Director
CEA Licence No.:
L3002382K / R017306E
Call (+65) 9005 4462 - (+65) 9277 1130
About Me
Hi , I am Deen M, 

Marketing Director from Horizon Division, ERA Realty Pte Ltd (Singapore).

Buying a property for investment or own stay in these market conditions can be quite challenging as it’s a not an easy and straightforward decision. I am sure you do not want to be burdened by a huge financial commitment that you are not in control of in years to come. Things have changed and property purchase is now considered a long-term investment due to current regulations .You have to be more prudent and wary of jumping into the property market. That is where I come in with my expertise, to assist you to my utmost capability.

I have been a property consultant for a number of years. As I was a developer sales staff not too long ago, I am also very familiar in new condo launches, existing condo launches and developer sales. I have many satisfied clients who continue to engage my services and refer me to their family and friends. I am equipped with a Cert in Real Estate Agency and well versed in HDB policies and have ample experience leasing and selling HDB flats and private properties.

As no two properties are alike, I can do your own property investment portfolio profiling for you and match you to an ideal property you can consider. You can contact me at 90054462 for a one stop ‘property consultation’. You can also contact me via email if you wish to enquire on any property advertised in my website l or wish to have more information on how I can assist you. Ill be glad to be part of your property investment decisions.

Best regards,
Deen M
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